All our work stems from years-long architectural research in-depth - project Interface, that is based on Master thesis in Architecture.

We use multimedia techniques, including 3D digital hand-sculpting, carving and digital hand-drawing techniques.

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Project INTERFACE is a research based on our years of exploration of the subject of Interface. Enhancing the experience of space and perception of space within the concept of architecture and spatial design. Project is developed around the idea of Gestalt theory.


In application to architectural design ‘the main idea of Gestalt psychology states that the meaning of the whole can’t be reached by individual parts because of the dynamic and organic relationships between the individual parts that integrate it.’ (Aydin 2004)


Our research starts with exploring physical qualities of interface by working with clay. Experimenting and assembling clay segments to a sculpture.The structure of the sculpted model is organised by a combination of individual segments with regular and irregular geometry patterns


At first, to analyse the physical model with precision we transferred it to a digital format. We used photogrammetry and 3D scanner to capture its details and create a 3D model.


We used 3D modelling software to analyse the geometry of forms and identify critical areas of proximity and contiguity between the individual parts. We focused on the areas of surface contact and tension within the 3d model.


To further our analysis we started to experiment and speculate on relationships of consisting parts.

We introduced the technique of digital linear drawings to reinforce the visual dynamics. We produced the series of speculative drawings that explore areas of interface and tension


After speculative drawing we wanted to explore multidimensional experience of interstitial space.

We considered the interface as an architectural space. The interior of INTERFACE defined by the qualities of the surface, such as geometry of the landscape and its texture.


Experimenting with jointing and folding of forms we sculpted objects of large and solid body of rock material

We created a metamorphic body of indistinct and solid shape with the arrangements of grains and crystals, that provide a rich texture, geometry and structure of interface


After creating a metamorphic object of rock solid body we wanted to explore the interior of interfacial space

Using 3D digital hand-sculpting technique we started to carve a space where we can implement all of the aspects of interface from the previous stages of project together.


To create the architectural space and interior of Interface we used 3D hand-sculpting technique.

We created two architectural bodies with different landscapes, textures and surfaces.


As the result of this experiment we created a 3D sculpture that provides spatial experience of Interface.

Combination of two parts with different landscape, surface and texture of the space, creates the relationship and tension within the Interface.


Speculative drawing.

To enhance the architectural experience of space we created a speculative drawing of interface using digital linear hand-drawing technique.


Coming from professional architectural and artistic background in this thread we share the story of our artistic vision and the steps it takes to create our conceptual art.


Graduating from the world's leading art schools: CSM London, Städelschule Academy, Gerrit Rietveld Academie and more, and having years of hard work and grinding to build our own unique way of artistic expression and crafting our skill, our art projects take years of development..


..Our art projects take years of development and include following stages:
Developing the concept
Theoretical research
Critical review
Final production


Overall number of hours will vary depending on the project. The current work comes from the project Interface. It took more than 7500 hours to develop the project and methodology.And after that stage it takes more than 250 hrs to finish single digitally hand sculpted landscape


For the work that comes from the project Interface and that is digitally hand sculpted plus digitally hand drawn it takes around
~7500 development of the project
+400 hours of digital hand sculpting
+1200 hours of digital linear hand drawing

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