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MABLAB is an art and architecture duo, formed by two sisters with professional backgrounds in architecture and arts. Doing arts from early age, they spent most of their lives educating, practicing and mastering their skills in various fields of artistic expression.

Coming from world's leading art schools, such as Central Saint Martins, London, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Staedelschule Academy, Frankfurt, Cambridge school of art, UK, they followed artistic path into their professional lives.

Stemming from master thesis research in Architecture their work explores the themes of architectural Interface.

They create their work through the unique process of experimenting in different mediums. Using digital 3D sculpting and digital linear drawing techniques they create unique carved architectural spaces, landscapes, textures and metamorphic forms.

Being exposed to different cultures and have experienced space and distance in their lives they transform their experience into unique artworks that push the boundaries of the perception of space.

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Our artworks are presented on established NFT platforms

NFT is a Non-Fungible Token that represents a uniquely identified creation on the blockchain. The token is a proof of verified authorship and authenticity of creation.

We provide our customers with a unique high end artwork, minted on the established NFT Art platforms, as well our own custom contracts.

Our artworks come in immersive super HD quality and ready for print.

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All our work stems from years-long architectural research in-depth - project Interface, that is based on Master thesis in Architecture. We use multimedia techniques, including 3D digital hand-sculpting, carving and digital hand-drawing techniques. Follow our process in this thread.

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Virtual reality is a key element of the evolution of the digital world. 

Take a tour through our virtual gallery and experience our artworks in an immersive virtual space. 

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